Loneliness: From the outside looking in……..

I tend to do most my writing when I write through my life experiences it is like a release for me, I find it therapeutic, rather than internalising it. Loneliness has played a big part for me, whilst suffering with a mental illness. You can have a loving family and still feel like the loneliest person in the world. Almost like your there but you’re on the outside looking in, ALONE!

Depression can affect your relationship with people, over analysing everything, asking yourself if it’s your anxiety, the paranoia that comes with it, that’s making you think things are just no longer the same.

I guess we cannot blame friends, family, it is hard to understand how the mind works, how our mental health affects us. How are mental health affects others. The way they look at you differently now! Scared to say the wrong thing, like your an egg ready to crack.

It would be naive to think things won’t change when you have experienced a traumatic or life changing experience. It can and most probably changes you personally, in some way!

Be it good or bad!

You then question if the person you have become is the reason things have changed as you are no longer that person they fell in love with, that person that you used to invite out on nights out with the girls, or pick up the phone to tell them about the new man in your life.

What then……………………..

Be there, show them you care, be kind…. Be patient and listen. They are still that same person you fell in love with, that person who used to laugh and dance the night away. Give them time.

Time is why they need. To heal and process what happened.

Mummy Thomas

From the outside looking in things can seem amazing, from the inside looking out things can be entirely different!





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