It’s The Little Things……..

The little things matter

Brush your teeth Mindfully
Get dressed Mindfully
Listen and talk Mindfully
Eat and drink Mindfully
Drive or walk Mindfully

Many parents say ‘I don’t have time to slow down’ This is true! I never did and I still don’t now.

But by doing the little things and becoming more mindful, you may find new joy in everyday activities and eventually you may even be able to ‘run’ mindfully, that is, flow with focus through life.

Those minutes of having a wee by yourself or having the bathroom in general to yourself, Savour it.

Those moments when your baby naps, have a chocolate biscuit and a cuppa. The dishes can wait!

We hear the word self-care so often. When self-care is making sure we eat and drink enough to function.

It’s the little things….

Mummy Thomas

-Dr Patricia collard Mindfulness Matters

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