Who Is Perfect Really?!?

We all appreciate and understand why we have to stay at home. I think the hardest thing is not knowing when we will go back to the norm. Whatever normal is!

Being indoors with your family 24/7 is lovely at times but it does have a downside too, not having a break from each other. It can start to impact your mental well-being.

Not having space.

Not having those 5 minutes to sit and have a cuppa in-between working and cleaning, whilst blaring those 80’s & 90’s tunes out, whilst they are at nursery and school. Wishing you could have 5 minutes peace does not make you a bad parent, it makes you human. It’s hard to constantly be alert, so they don’t end up jumping off the sofa, breaking a bone, or climb on the kitchen table and bang their head or paint on every wall and flick paint on the carpet or even swing on the curtains because that’s what the cat does. Of course!

Image @ lolmomics

It is hard to keep on top of house work and school work, whilst remaing the loving smiley mum you want them to see. When in reality you feel like climbing a mountain and screaming at the top of your voice like a banchee.

I think everyone appreciates the reason on why we have to stay home, we are not moaning or denying the importance of that! But at the same time we are allowed to say it sucks!

You end up scrolling on social media in between those dreaded daily tasks. Seeing pics of ‘The Perfect life’ yes I am jealous I will admit that!

But does that make me feel good no!

What is perfect?

What is a perfect mum, wife, dad, person?

You sit, thinking……….. I am so rubbish!


When the truth is we have all gone days without washing our hair, we have all eaten that extra biscuit and slice of cake, because we had to grab something quick inbetween, work, washing,cleaning, playing teacher and the list goes on……

We have all gone hours without water or eating food so we grab a quick can of pop or a snack, because we never put ourselves first. That is what self care is…… Making sure you drink and eat properly throughout the day the simple things we make sure our children have.

We all have different body types and ailments. If the lockdown has taught me anything, it’s just how people try to perceive how perfect their life is. when in reality they took that picture when they just washed their hair and because they felt good. They took that picture of their garden and house because it had just been done. It is not like this everyday in their lives and it’s ok that it is not like that in your home too!

Sit and think about what is important to you. What do you want, what will make you happy. Work on one thing at a time.It does not matter how long it takes. What matters is that you are focusing on you and your needs. Rather than looking at what others have or have done.

You and your needs are important. Not what others perceive to be.

Mummy Thomas

“Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud”- Maya Angelou

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