At first it all seemed like a dream. One of those movies, where everything is not what it seemed.

Then news headlines appeared, it was what we had feared.

It’s serious and scary, loved ones lost. No chance to say goodbye, cuddle them, or a last I love you! Before they die. So many tears, so many times to cry.

NHS staff busy, saving lives, whilst risking their own. But you never hear them moan or even groan.

Faces sore from wearing face masks, feet swollen and sore. Exhausted as soon as they come through the door. Missing their families, whilst taking care of ours.

We wait for that update, 5pm or is it 6? Daily news from the government, what now? What next?

More lives lost, more cases, Boris himself has it. The virus does not discriminate they say. We all wish it would go away.

The world is crumbling. Italy, China, Germany, America and more.

Maintaining our mental well-being is hard, all being together at home. Pretending we are okay, not letting down our guard. Not going out is hard.

But the NHS are working hard.

We shout, we bang, we clap.

Suddenly rainbows appear.

We all come together and cheer.

The NHS, Police force, Care workers, charity staff and more. We cheer!

2020………What a year!

We will certainly remember this year.

The year we lost.

The year we came together.

The year we actually couldn’t be together, with family and friends. Wishing this nightmare would end.

A phone call away they say, it’s hard doing that day by day!

The year we stopped.

The year we said “hello” to neighbours, we never even met. The year we nearly ran out of toilet roll and queued for miles, 2 metres apart. Racing to the stores to get a head start.

Most importantly the year the country came together.

The year silence fell on the street.

Covid-19 ……….This we will beat.

Mummy Thomas


A new moon, a new day. 2020 Covid -19 please do go away.

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