Pets And Our Mental Health 

There has been a lot going around on social media about how our pets can help with our mental health. What is your thoughts on this? Does your pet help with your wellbeing?

I sat and thought about this and I guess my cat has been good company for me while hubby has been away with work and I have been home alone with my little girl. He is someone I can have a cuddle with at the end of the day and someone who sits by my side when I am ill in bed. Those are the worst days. You have nothing else to do expect be ill with all the time in the world to think.He lays next to me, cuddles up to me and it takes my mind off of everything as we play with his teddy mouse and feather.

He actually collects my post, yes honestly he collects my post. He will run to the door when the Postman has delivered our mail, picks it up and drops it in whatever room I’m in.

He loves to play football. He is a cat that thinks he’s a dog and howls at the door when my hubby goes to work.

We got him from the RSPCA and he was in a foster home with dogs up until about 6 months old. That’s the only reason I can think of, to explain why he acts like a dog sometimes.

I’ve heard of people having dogs as pets to help them get out of bed on a bad day because they have to be walked and fed. I have heard that when you stroke an animal it releases a happy hormone in your brain.

Is all this true?

I believe it is.

How do you feel when your pet is around?

Do you feel more content and happy?

Has having a pet helped with your mental wellbeing?

I would say for me it has.

I would say they do make me happier when they come over for a cuddle. When I’m out shopping and think ‘aw they would love that.’ When I’m ill in bed and they sit by my side like a protector, worrying about you. When they come over to your bed and meow until you get up and feed them. It gives me a reason to get up.

I just open my eyes and all I see is them staring at me. ‘feeeeeed meeee’ one is a soft he just bounces around all the time and meows. The oldest is very intense. He reminds me of puss in boots. He has this stare that says don’t touch me or I’ll kill you, then the next he is like, ok stroke me annnnnnnnd stop. Ha.

They generally put a smile on my face throughout the week.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Pets are so important for mental health and companionship, I am a cat lady myself and I don’t know what I’d do without my two little furry babies to keep me company on the down days! Xx

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  2. 100% believe that animals help with mental health. I love cats but unfortunately can’t have any pets in my rented house 😦 Your cats are gorgeous! Enjoy them ☺️ 🐾🐱

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  3. My pets absolutely help me with my mental health and just with being happier. They are literally my life. They help out in so many different ways from making me feel safer, less lonely, and just happier in general. Lovely post that many can relate too!💕💕

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    • Aw I love dogs to. Would love one when little lady is a bit older. I guess there just company if we Have had a shit day x


  4. I have a cat, and he’s so lovely. He’s such a big help when it comes to my mental health. I think it’s important, to just cuddle them all the time, and relax. Think about positive things only.

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  5. Oh my, your cat and kitten together is so so adorable 💕. I completely agree with this post ☺️. My cats always know if I’m feeling down they will come and sit with me. It’s like they have a special intuition. I always feel so much better just having them around and they me laugh when they get up to mischief 😄 Lovely post Kerry 😘 xx

    Bexa |

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  6. Pets are amazing! Sadly I don’t have any at the moment, but I have had dogs, cats, gerbils etc in the past and they bring so much joy. It’s lovely seeing the different personalities each of them have. I can’t wait to get another dog in the future, they are so loving!


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    • That’s lovely and they really do know. If I’m ill my cat doesn’t leave my side or if I cry he meows at my husband as if to say sort it out ha 🤦‍♀️ x


  7. Pets are great! Our cats know when we are upset or distressed. But aside from the soft warm cuddles, I think a reason pets are so good for our health is because it feels good to take care of another living thing. I get so much pleasure in giving my cats wet food or seeing them excited for a clean poop box (although I’m never excited to scoop it)

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  8. I can say with 100% conviction that pets definitely help with mental health! I had a kitten for no more than a month (unfortunately she died), during which we became best friends. When I’m in a down I need attention, but I dont feel like talking. This is why I think pets help so much, they give you love without expecting anything in return. When my little angel died it broke my heart and I hope I can find myself another four legged companion soon

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    • I’m so sorry. You are right they are great for our mental wellbeing. Great company and to pick us up when we need it. When you are ready to, I hope you find another furry companion x x Take care


  9. I think pets are the greatest healers. I feel it even more now that I am without my little one (Kevin the cat) whom we lost last autumn. He always made me feel better even on the darkest days. Maybe that’s why I feel so empty some days because he’s not here anymore. Lots of cuddles to you furry babies, they are super cute :)!

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  10. Your cats are adorable. Pets definitely know how to put a smile on our faces and cheer us up, don’t they. We don’t have any pets right now but my little girl has been asking for a cat for a while, and I’m seriously considering it. Great post. X #thesatsesh


  11. I know for a fact that my pets have helped me throughout my life. In the good times and the bad! I honestly dont know if I would have made it through high school if it wasn’t for the horse I had at the time and when terrible things happen even now my dog is always there as a shoulder to cry on when needed. Pets don’t judge they just accept and comfort and sometimes that’s what we really need! Your cats are adorable! I want a cat but I dont know how my dog would feel about it haha

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    • Pets are amazing. They really do help I think. My little one loves horses. I want a German shepheard. I have to convince my husband ha X


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