Book Review: ‘The Little Book Of Self-care For New Mums’

I have to start off by saying WOW. There are so many books out there at the moment on self care and books on becoming a new parent. But this is fantastic. It has lots of information, illustrations and poems. Tips and more. It’s all in one book.

I think Beccy and Alex have done a fantastic job. This book really is worth a read. I was sent this book for free to review it and I am honoured to have it in my possession.

One topic I feel we are all embarrassed to discuss is getting back into the bedroom after having a baby. We don’t feel or look the same so it is a tough time for some. Great advice in this book.

I don’t want to give too much away but my favourite bit in the book has to be the ‘Five minute fixes for frazzled mums’ as we rarely get longer than five minutes.

Now I’m no photographer as you can tell, so my pictures are no match. The book is beautifully laid out.

It is full of exercises, couples massage ideas and recipes. It is like an A-Z for mums. It’s full of helpful tips on feeding, breastfeeding and more.

It has great self-care tips and it covers perinatal mental health. All in all I recommend this book. Pop it on your list for sure. You won’t be disappointed.

Great Exercise ideas….

‘love your lines’….

‘Getting out there’

Great book.

Thank you for giving me the pleasure of reading it and reviewing it.

Mummy Thomas



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