Pressures at Christmas

Let me just say I LOVE Christmas, I am certainly not a Scrooge!

But there is so much pressure this time of year, do you agree?

To buy the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

What to spend?

Can I afford it?

What to do for starters and desert?

Who is coming and who will sit next to who, because you don’t want to upset anyone.

What gifts, if any should you buy the teachers.

Finding out how to spell half of the children’s names in your child’s class because you don’t want to offend anyone.

What on earth you should wear to a Christmas party.

Actually getting in the right mindset to go because what you really want is to curl up with a cuppa or glass of wine and eat your way through a tub size of quality streets and watch Netflix.

The list goes on……..


When suffering with a mental illness it adds to it. The anxiety and the stress. It’s hard to find the time to focus on ourselves because we are So focused on making it the perfect Christmas for everyone else.

Who focuses on you!

Who makes sure you have an enjoyable Christmas, in-between the wrapping and cooking and baking and cleaning, the list goes on….

It is all very overwhelming, but when asked because it is ‘That time of year’ we tend not to say how we are feeling and we tend not to say ‘I’m struggling’ or simply ‘help’ because we don’t want to be known as a Scrooge or miserable or boring. Because we are suppose to be happy because ‘it’s that time of year’ when In actual fact.

‘You matter’

‘Your well-being matters’

If you are struggling and if you are feeling overwhelmed take a step back. We may not have all the time in the world with work and parenting or uni or school. But ‘your’ mental well-being is much more important than any gift you can buy. Your happiness is the most important gift of all.

Because without it then materialistic things, all that money spent won’t be enjoyed.

Make sure this Christmas even if it is the odd five minutes, you take time out to breathe…Hide in the cupboard and have a biscuit, step outside and breathe. Sing at the top of your voice to a random song and let thy frustration and anger out. Anything but hide your emotions. Because it is not only your families happiness that matters.


Mummy Thomas

@ktmummy -Twitter

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