‘Am I doing this right?’


It’s a word we all dread.

Being diagnosed with stress.

A word we all wish was never said.

Stress is like a black cloud that follows you around. Making you feel like you might just fall to the ground.

Your shoulders weigh heavy and your head hangs low. You feel lost, alone, scared.

It might be work stress.

It may be money or even the children or worrying about the little one in your tummy.

You lay awake at night tossing and turning.

You wake to the beep of the alarm, having had no sleep.

You don’t feel like breakfast today, can’t eat, won’t eat. Don’t feel like eating at all.

You go to work because you have no choice, it’s the same routine again, Monday through Friday.

Every day the same.

You finish your shift and its home to put the tea on.

You put the radio on and you hear an advert.

‘How to deal with stress. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! see your GP today.’

It makes you think.

It’s all you can think of.

Is there any help out there, is there someone who will really care?

It plays on your mind, so you decide to have a look.

Google brings up all sorts of details, horror stories and more. All of which are no help.

You spill your heart out and shed a tear. Thinking to yourself why I did have so much fear.

The doctor listened, I finally don’t feel alone.

They gave me advice, classes I could attend, if I wanted.

They gave me ideas on ways to cope.

Like breathing exercises, starting yoga and meditation.

Writing down explanations of why I feel like I do. Getting it off my chest.

This might just do.

I slept that night because now I know, I AM NOT AND WILL NOT EVER BE ALONE.

Find the right person to help you. It may not be your GP but a friend or a loved one. Anyone you know you can trust to listen.

Mummy Thomas

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