My Month, My Weekend: Self-Care And All.

I took some time out this Weekend to go for a walk. I really needed it. I haven’t been writing as much lately. I had a dip in my mental health. I had an increase with regards to my medication and may be going back to therapy to hopefully work a bit more on the trauma I experienced.

I would have thought three years on that I would be moved on by now. The truth is I don’t think you ever get over any trauma. You learn to deal with it.

Which I obviously haven’t.

It’s hard as you move forward and think, finally. It takes one stressful time in your life and bam, your back there. Going through it all again.

I’ve learnt I need to take time for myself, this is so important. I have a few health issues at the moment. I’m suffering badly with fatigue. I have low B12. I have an appointment with a Nutritionist soon thankfully. I am hoping she may be able to give me advice on vitamins etc… and help me to understand what my body needs.

I also broke my wrist and cracked a rib, so that is no fun. That’s what happens when you decide to join your nephew on the trampoline.

Yep I did that.

I’m an idiot.

I started an adult Ballet class, I love to dance. I began to dance when I was very young and gave it up in my twenties due to falling ill. But I’m so glad I now have the opportunity to start again. I am a strong believer now that exercise does help, be it a distraction or what. It helps take my mind off things and helps me to feel more awake.

I’ve also been to a few children’s parties and my anxiety is always through the roof at those. I never know what to say and I worry if I brought the right gift.

My daughter wants a birthday party next year, she will be four. Help!

Anyway here are some lovely pics of my walk this morning.

I love the forest its so quiet and peaceful. I could stay there all day.

Admittedly I spend most my time thinking if it’s quiet and that can be a nightmare when you suffer with a mental illness. But I think it’s important to take time out to think so it doesn’t build up. It okay to have bad thoughts as long as you process them and know how to deal with them.

Speak to someone you trust.

Speak to someone who will listen and not judge.

Speak to a charity like Pandas via or the Birth Trauma Association via Facebook.

@pndandme hosts a great chat on a Wednesday and #mentalhealthhour on a Sunday.

All in all, please just take time out for yourself. You deserve it.

Mummy Thomas




Mission Mindfulness


  1. Wow! It’s been so long since I had my daughter and postpartum depression wasn’t something anybody even knew about or discussed back in the day (or maybe it was. We didn’t have computers or internet back then). I’m so glad you’re sharing your experiences and feelings and providing support for others. Your walk this morning must have been very peace-inducing judging from the beautiful pictures. Thank you!

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    • Thank you, it was. Im glad more people are talking about it and raining awareness now. I never knew anything about it until I was diagnosed. X


  2. It looks like a beautiful sot for a walk going by your pictures. It sounds like you’ve been in the wars lately ouch. It’s great that you’re trying to find ways to deal with the various issues that have cropped up which is really positive.

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  3. I know exactly what you mean when you say it only takes one small thing and bam you’re back where you started. And we learn to live with the trauma somehow after endless hours of therapy. But the trigger points will be there only in smaller amounts.
    I’m happy you have the Forrest and the ballet to help you on the way.

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  4. A beautifully written, raw, honest but also very warm and reassuring post. Getting outdoors and doing some exercise is also always my go-to selfcare thing (oh and meditation of course :-)). Don’t be too hard on yourself about the parties – I think a lot of people find these things incredibly difficult but just aren’t so honest as you as to admit it!!! Take care xx #thesatsesh

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