My Little Girl A Poem For You. 

Postnatal depression…..

Finally I can say I love you, the awful thoughts are gone. I love you, I do more and more each day.

I love your little toes.

Your little hands.

Your cheeky grin and that you always look like you have a plan.

Your mischievous and a madam.

You were two going on twelve. Trantrums in Tesco, pulling everything off the shelves.

I really wouldn’t change you, your personality is great. You take after me and I think that’s a good trait. 😉

You won’t eat peas.

You won’t eat greens.

You won’t even eat any beans.

You will eat waffles and sausages, sprinkles and ice cream.

Veggie sticks and wiggles.

BBQ sauce on everything, if you had your way.

You love a bath but you won’t have your hair washed.

You love Teddy rabbit and you have more than one.

You won’t go to bed without counting them all and I have to wait until your done.

Potty training was an adventure.

Poo and wee everywhere.

What do I do first?

Where do I start.

We did it though.

We stuck at it.

Now look at you go.

You looked like me as a baby, now you look more like your dad.

The looks you give.

The way you smile.

That god awful frown.

You have his confidence and his Laid back attitude.

His sarcasm to.

I love when you sing even if it’s ‘let it go’ for the tenth time.

Put on your shoes I say

Put on your coat

Come on let’s go.

You carry on singing even when WE have to go.

Nursery was interesting. It was me crying and you telling me. ‘It’s okay mummy you can go’

I found it really hard to let go.

‘Twinkle twinkle little star’, you sing it over and over again. You really are my star and you don’t know how special you are.

Your now three and sometimes when we chat I have to remeber that.

You are a daddy’s girl and I really don’t mind

It’s the best feeling.

Looking at you both, pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.
It was a rough start, it really does break my heart.

We’ve had laughter and we’ve shared tears.

The sleepless nights.

The early starts.

It’s all worth it.

I love you and I hope you know.
I cannot wait to watch you grow. 🐰



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