Hey guys,

I want to try something, it may be a complete fail. But here goes. There has been similar events in the past organised by great inspiring people. So I want to try this.

I want people to take a picture of themselves, like this.


Please then share it via Twitter using the #THISISME18. To show that you can have a mental illness but still smile some days. Your no different from anyone else. Your still you. Your not crazy…… X

I suffered with Postnatal depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after experiencing a traumatic birth.

I also suffer with anxiety and depression. I have sort therapy, CBT cognitive behavioural therapy, It helped. But having the support of other has helped even more.

No matter what mental illness you suffer with or have suffered with. Or if you have been bullied. Please join in.

I want to show that it’s ok to have a mental illness. We may have a smile on our face one day, but be suffering inside silently. I want to show that it’s not ok to judge someone by the way they look. It’s not ok to suggest someone is ok because they look or looked ok yesterday/today.

Let’s break the stigma.

Let’s raise awareness.

Can you help me by sharing your picture using the hash tag. Starting today the 4th September – 30th of September. #THISISME18

Let’s raise awareness this month for mental health, For bullying. Let’s break the stigma. 💚

Thank you

Mummy Thomas


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