To Have Another Baby Or Not To Have Another Baby

To have another baby or not to have another baby, this is such a personal, hard decision.

I am three years on now since my traumatic birth. I still can’t imagine having another baby. I have sat and thought about my daughter growing up without a sibling. I had one and so did my husband. I came to realise we can give her everything, so we are happy with our decision to not have another.

Or am I.

I have days when I think about having another, it’s like a pros and cons list in my head. Longing and hoping that I may have the experience I wanted first. Being able to give the first bath and hold my baby first. Do the first feed and change. Be there for my baby in the first few months.

Then I remember what happened even more and I think, no way.

It’s a mixture of emotions, I really don’t know what I will do. My husband does not want another. He is scared of loosing me and being widowed with one, possibly two babies. I can understand why he would worry about that. Considering what happened the first time round.

I look at pregnant women and feel sad, sad that I may not get that again. There is no certainty that the IVF would work again. I don’t know if I could finally get to the point of deciding, I want to and then being told the IVF didn’t work. It’s so much to think of and deal with.

How do you feel on this subject?

Have you thought about having another baby after a traumatic birth?

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  1. Giving birth after a traumatic one would be very difficult, but if you decide you want to, I’m sure you could find the strength, and surround yourself with support! Have you thought about other options, like adopting a new born?x

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  2. It is such a hard decision to make. We’re in the same boat but for different reasons. I feel like a swinging door. One minute I so desperately want another baby then the next I’m adamant I don’t. It’s so tough seeing people pregnant and sharing images of their little ones on social media. I’m sure whatever you eventually decide on will be the best for you and your family x

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  3. I don’t have kids so I can’t input much here, but I am an only child and I can say that other than a brief period of around 3-6 months at the age of 6 when I thought a sibling would be fun, I’ve never felt like I was missing anything. It’s such a difficult decision, especially with major health factors involved x


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  4. I was an only child until I was 10 – I loved it didn’t feel like I was missing out or anything and actually I am so much more independent than my younger brother. Only you and your husband can decide what you think is best x

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