Fighting With Your Own Mind.



Postnatal depression 

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Borderline personality disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Many more.


With every mental illness we spend most days fighting with our own mind. Trying to get through the bad days and prolong the good. I sometimes go over conversations iv’e had with certain people, I get so anxious, did I say something I shouldn’t have? It then spirals and I think that’s it, they wont speak to me again or what if they think i’m horrible?

Sometimes my mind goes round and round, so much at night. Over analysing everything. Before I know it I hear my alarm go off and it’s morning. Have you ever done that? Laid awake for hours,  tossed and turned. Gone through every word that was exchanged in a certain conversation, that you end up with no sleep and wake up feeling exhausted.

Exhausted from the lack of sleep and exhausted from going over and over the same thought.

I have had days where I have asked my husband the same question over and over. I still believe he is only saying what I want to hear at times. Having a mental illness plays with your mind. It can make you paranoid and over anxious.

Does he love me?

Will he get fed up and leave me, because he may want someone normal.


I mean what is normal these days……..

I guess I mean someone that hasn’t relived her trauma over and over. Someone who hasn’t had suicidal thoughts and self harmed. Someone who isn’t paranoid and anxious.

Someone who’s emotions are balanced instead of changing hour to hour.

Someone who doesn’t spend some days crying and worrying. Someone who doesn’t have days of thinking to pack a bag and run away.

Hey I wish I felt normal………

I want to say I am in recovery, I still have bad days even now. Days where I feel I have taken two steps back. I’m back in that hospital, flashbacks and anger and hurt.

Most of all guilt.

I’m not the confident, outgoing person I was. I’m reserved when meeting people, but I am strong.

I’m not outgoing but I am still caring.

I’m brave, not scared.

I’m not scared because I have found my voice, when for so long I lost it. I remained silent. Worrying what people may say.

I was scared

I felt alone

I wanted to die

I wanted it to end.

I found support, which I still need.


I now feel that our mind is the most important part of our body, after all if we are not happy on the inside it will eventually reflect on the outside.

It is something I have learnt to except. I must look after myself, give myself time to heal on the bad days and reach out if I need to.  My mental illness has emotionally and physically drained me. It effects both.

It has made me stronger

It has made me have a different outlook on life.

I am putting myself and my family first.

I am determined and brave.

I am not the same person, that person has gone.

I am better.

Better because I have had to be strong.

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  1. I could feel the pain through your words and wish so much that you could find more peace. I’m so glad you have found your voice and that you have found the strength to come this far. And you are so brave to share what you’re going through with others. I know there are many who can relate and will find comfort when they read this, just to know they are not alone. Thank you so much for writing this post.

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  2. I am sure this was hard to write, but as a reader, it was amazing to read something so raw, and so close to the heart. All of us go through hardship in life, and although some suffer more than others from the consequences, this post was a refreshing reminder that none of us are alone x

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  3. Such a lovely, raw post. You should be proud of yourself that you can recognise when these thoughts are better/worse and when you know what to do. You can get through this and you will!
    Liz xx

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  4. I’ve experienced a lot of fights with my own mind before. I’m happy that you’ve become a stronger person overall – at the end, we need to find the path that will set us to a better course, even if it’s not what others typically take. That’s okay! We’re all different and sending you LOTS OF LOVE ♥

    Nancy ♥

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  5. Such a beautiful post, thank you for sharing. I recently came to terms that I had anxiety and depression and it’s great to know that others are out there going through the same thing! ❤

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    • It’s an awful feeling to have. Counselling helped me and writing. Just getting it off my chest. Most of the time having someone to listen and not judge. X


  6. This is such a powerful and inspirational post Kerry. I am also an over-thinker and spend too much time analyzing things, it is comforting to know others feel the same. I like that you are acknowledging all your emotions and focusing on the positives. Well done for being so brave and strong. Your posts are so real and from the heart, thank you for sharing lovely ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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