For The Person Struggling With Their Mental Illness;

To The Person That Is Struggling;

There will be days when you feel numb, days when you don’t want to carry on.

Days of crying and feeling low.

Days of feeling like your going to blow.



Agitated and sad.

Days of wondering, what if?

‘God I feel so mad……….’

‘What if I left?’

‘What if I wasn’t here? Would they be better off?’

‘I can’t do this next year…….’

‘What if I ended it all right now, right here. ‘

I write this for you………….

I have felt low, I sometimes still do.

Many times I have wanted to blow, just like you.

I’ve felt agitated and sad, angry and bad.

Most of all, constantly mad.

I’ve felt like the worst parent, the worst wife. I’ve wanted to end my own life.

CBT saved my life.

The support of my husband, who I call my rock.

The support of the other people sharing their stories.

They made me feel less alone.

They made me realise it’s not me.

I’m not being punished.

I am worthy.

I am not a burden.

I felt huge guilt, I sometimes still do.

I  have wondered what if?

But with the support out there, I no longer have to do this alone.

I am not alone.

I am strong, I have done nothing wrong. 

Reach for help when you are ready.

For now just take it steady. 

One step at a time is fine.

You are WORTH it.

You are STRONG for facing this illness, this sadness, this mess.

You are AMAZING as a parent, an amazing individual, an amazing friend.

Stay strong my friend, this is not the end.

This is not your end.

Mummy Thomas x

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  1. #thesatsesh yes to acknowledging that emotions are temporary and always pass – happiness, excitement and joy included… they too shall pass. A lovely poem and an honest account of the fragility of the moment

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  2. You’re so brave to share these innermost feelings with everyone. I know many will benefit from your candor and your encouragement.
    Joan Senio

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  3. What a beautiful poem. Taking things one step at a time is all we can do sometimes and that’s absolutely fine. And family support means the world, as does knowing that it’s OK to reach out for help. Thank you for writing this and for reminding us that we’re not on our own. xx

    Lisa |

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