Mummy Thomas’ Mental Health Questionnaire: With Andreia

Hi everyone my name is Andreia. I am a 24 year old Stay at home mum to my little girl Valentina. I am obsessed with all things beauty, fashion and baby related. On my blog I have post on a lot of different topics, from beauty and fashion to lifestyle, motherhood and babies. Make sure you check out my Blog

Q1. Tell me a little about your mental illness and if you have sort help?

About 1 year before I got pregnant I suffered with anxiety and depression. I went to counselling sessions and was also prescribed anti-depressants.

Q2. Have you taken antidepressants? If so what affect did they have on you? What advice would you give to someone starting a course of antidepressants?

Yes. They made me almost monotone. It’s difficult to explain. What I mean by monotone is that they made not care about anything or anyone. I found it very hard to show emotion whilst taking these.

Make sure you follow all instructions given by your doctor and also do not stop taking them because you feel you have improved. It is important to seek medical help before stopping these medications so you can weaned off of them.

Q3. What coping strategies do you use on a bad day?

To this day even though I no longer take anti-depressants and have beaten depression I still from time to time have anxiety/panic attacks. What works for me is to drink lots of water. I find that concentrating on the action of drinking and swallowing the water helps to calm my anxiety. Also if you can find a quiet space where you can just shut your eyes and breath for a few minutes.

Q4. What effect do you think social media has had on your mental health? What affect do you think it has on other people’s mental health?

For me my anxiety and depression came after being cheated on. This in turn made me very insecure especially on social media. I ended up deleting all of my social media accounts for around 6 months. I think social media has a big impact of mental health especially in young people. Things such as cyber bullying are unfortunately at an all time high. I believe social media is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to young people’s mental health.

Q5. What changes would you like to see in raising awareness for mental health going forward?

I would love to see more people supporting eachother. Most people suffering from anxiety and/ or depression can be helped by simply lending a listening ear. Just by saying hi or asking how someone’s day has been can make a world of different to someone suffering with a mental health issue. I think in order to reduce the stigma around it we need to be more positive about the subject. Show people that everyone can beat it and provide info on how people can help.

Q6. Have you ever experienced stigma yourself? How did you deal with this?

At the time when I was diagnosed with depression I had a meeting at work to advise them of this as per my doctors recommendation. In this meeting I asked that I be treated the exact same as I was before. However this did not happen. Instead I would be left out of team meeting because my managers felt it would be too much, I was deprived of the opportunity to do overtime because again I was seen as incapable of working extra hours and I was also sometimes left out of social gathering arrange between work colleagues.

I asked for a meeting with the whole management team at my

work place and I expressed my feelings. I advised that I do not want to be treated any different to anyone else. I also explained that I can make clear decisions myself about whether a meeting or overtime is too much for me or not. We then came up with a solution where I was asked to advise my manager when I was having a bad day that way I could be offered extra time for breaks in order to be able to feel at ease and comfortable in the workplace.

Q7. Finally, yay! I hear you say..

What advice would you give to someone who is struggling in silence with their mental health?

Talk to someone. You might be thinking that it isn’t going to do anything or help in anyway but trust me it does. As soon as you share your troubles with someone it’s like the weight of the world has been lifted off of your shoulders because suddenly you realise you no longer have to go through it alone. If you don’t know who to talk to just

email me at . I would be

happy to talk to you ☺

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If you are suffering with a mental illness please don’t hesitate to seek help. There are some fantastic charities out there. Please see below:

The Pandas Foundation

PND and ME -Twitter chat on a Wednesday

The Birth Trauma Association

The Smile Group


Mummy Thomas

My Blog


Huffington Post Blog


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