The Physical Impact My Mental health Has Had On Me.

How has your mental illness impacted on your mental health? I have added some links to my other posts I have written. Other links will take you to a page to explain the illness.

Lack of sleep has to be one for me:

I wish I knew what sleep was. I have tried lots of different things:

Reading a book

Listening to music

Having a bath before bed

Going to bed later or earlier

Insomnia sucks and my doctor will not prescribe anything. I understand why. She was worried about me becoming reliant on them. I plan to try Yoga and meditation. I will let you know how I get on. I think my antidepressants are playing a part in it. I guess we will see.

Have your antidepressants ( my post) affected your sleep?

Tummy Troubles:

When I am stressed or anxious my IBS flares up. It is awful. If I have an interview for eg. Or anything that involves me becoming anxious. Like going on holiday, my tummy does back flips. Being prepared helps. Having tablets to hand, Some water and mints. Just to settle my stomach.


I suffer with alot of headaches. My doctor says they are tension headaches. I wish I could switch off my brain sometimes just so my head doesn’t feel like it is going to explode.


I use to self harm and have scars now that are slowly fading. It’s a physical reminder but something I am glad I have overcome. I still have thoughts of doing it but I have things in place to stop my thought process, to distract myself. Like talking about it to my husband or writing. I sometimes close my eyes and listen to some music and count. If you are struggling with this then please contact someone for some guidance. Here are some organisations that can help.




There are many more. I’m here to if you need a chat. I am not a professional but I’m a listening ear. 💚

Grinding My Teeth:

I grind my teeth and my muscles around my jaw ache so bad. I get headaches because of it and have pains shooting down my neck. My dentist and doctor have said it’s because of stress and anxiety. Also my antidepressants can cause this issue to.

Grinding Your Teeth


I suffered with five to six blackouts daily. I was diagnosed with an Irregular heartbeat. Which they believe was brought on via stress and anxiety. ( my post)

Wright gain and weight loss:

My weight has fluctuated since having my daughter. I gained weight as I comfort ate. Then I didn’t want to eat at all as I had no appetite and lost some. Its up and down I find. Your physical experience can have an impact on your mental health if your not happy with the way you look.

But know this you are beautiful inside and out. Antidepressants can also have an impact on our weight. But I think the important thing is to focus on your mental wellbeing, then you will feel motivated to look after your physical appreance. Looking after your physical appearance will make you feel fresh and more confident, hopefully.

I can’t get in the gym daily or even every other day. But when I do, I do a few squats and Russian twits. I feel better in myself. I’m dying after as my body is not use to it but it helps my mental wellbeing for sure.

I think you have to find what works for you as an individual. I have come across so many people suffering with a mental illness and all of them have many different ways of coping to help their mental wellbeing. I have even tried some of their ideas. So I hope in sharing my experiences, it may help at least one of you.

This is only a few things I have listed. How has your mental health affected your physical health???

Please leave a comment.




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  1. Mind and body are so interconnected. My gut is definitely sensitive to my mental state. I tend to carry tension in my jaw and shoulders. My psych meds are pretty reliable for getting me to sleep, but when I’m struggling I wake up really early.

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    • Thank you for sharing. I may have to speak to my doctor again about not being able to switch off and lack of sleep. My chiropractor always says your muscles are so stiff and it’s always my shoulders and the top of my back and neck that are the worse. Acupuncture helps actually. X

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m lucky my insurance covers massage therapy, so I go weekly. Sleep is so important. I don’t take any meds that are only for sleep, but the mirtazapine and quetiapine I take for my depression really help with sleep.

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  2. Wow I am so sorry to hear what is troubling you. This must be a very trying time. Find that activity that takes you to a zen place and do it whenever you feel worked up. I’m sorry you are dealing with this 😦 I am always here and my DM’s are open!

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    • It’s a pain when it affects your weight as it really does make us feel worse. Well it did with me anyway. I like yay I fit in my jeans then bam nope not any more then months later yay.
      🤦‍♀️ Xx


  3. I can’t sleep enough, eat enough or relax enough. Always on alert and seems like my body and mind never know how to cooperate. I don’t use medication anymore since they made me worse in many ways. But I really wish for more than 4 hours sleep at night!!! I used to work out a lot and it helped me a bit. But then I was to exhausted to do anything else that day. So I guess taking walks and eat something at least 3 times a day is enough right now.

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  4. I hear you with the IBS and headaches when my mental health is suffering. Sorry to hear about the insomnia – if you type beditation into YouTube there is a really good Mindfulness practice to help bring sleep – it’s for teens but I think it’s really nice for adults too! take care #thesatsesh

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  5. Thankyou for having the strength to share all of this as I know it is hard! You are doing so good though as I myself am a mummy and not every day is the Same as you can have some low days and high days but it’s all about staying strong which you are! xX

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