Life Living In The Countryside

I am a city girl, I never thought I’d see the day when I would move to the countryside. I have never been an outdoors kind of girl. You know walking, hiking and camping, it’s just not me. Well I was so wrong. When I met my husband he was in the military and came to visit me in my hometown every weekend. Some weekends we would go to visit his parents, they lived in the countryside, I loved it. I automatically relaxed when I got there. There was no sounds of busy traffic, just birds and beautiful scenery.

I automatically fell in love. When we had our daughter (after everything that happened with my birth) I decided to take time off to recooperate and be with her. We decided that was it. We wanted her to grow up in beautiful surroundings so she could explore nature and have the option to go to town if she wanted. Plus it was a fresh start away from all the heartache.

We sold our house and off we went. We moved to a lovely little village right in the middle of the forest. It is surrounded by wildlife. So many trees and beautiful wild flowers. We can hear the birds all throughout the day. No sounds of traffic or anything else. We have deer in the garden at night and foxes too. Every morning I have squirrels in my garden trying to eat the bird food.

It is lovely.

The only downside about living in the countryside would be when it snows. It is near impossible to get anywhere, unless you have a tractor that is!

You have to be prepared. We learnt the hard way this year.

It is a struggle not being near any shops, you can’t take a stroll into town. Unless you wanted to hike four or five miles. With a toddler that is no fun at all. I don’t even think I would make it with shopping bags on my own to be fair.

Having a car is a must. Having to leave early to go anywhere is another thing. There are so many cyclists, it takes for ever to get anywhere. I’m all for saving the environment but when you have a cyclist in front of you on the school run, no fun.

The state of the roads to can be a pain unless you have a 4×4. My gosh I have replaced my tyres twice already. I don’t know what they spend the council tax on.

My husband came home angry the other week. He had heard that they were going to pave the roads for a cycling event. He went on to say we pay working tax, council tax and road tax. But they will only re pave the rounds when there is a threat a cyclist might get hurt! I sat and thought about it for a while and I guess I understand where he is coming from. I mean if I had the will power to strap my toddler to a bike seat and ride her 2-3 miles to school everyday then hey I would. But I am no Chris Froome.

All in all living in the country side is amazing and I wouldn’t swap it. The town is beautiful and I am happy my dauhter will grow up here.

We love it.

Now that hubby has left the military it’s great having him home every night. Just being able to play in the garden with our daughter and go on adventures into the forest as a family is great. Not only for my well-being and mental health but hers too.


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  1. What a beautiful place to live! I take my hat off too you because I’m absolutely useless if I’m not within a 15-20 minute walk into town! πŸ˜‚ But I appreciate the tranquility of living in the forest, in the peace and quiet and removed from the hustle and bustle… as long as there is WiFi 😁 Thanks so much for sharing and your pictures are lovely!


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  2. Deer? Thats amazing! Living in the city, you deffo miss the chance to spot a deer in your back garden! The photos are gorgeous and you must have the most amazing adventures πŸ™‚ xx

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  3. I’m a city girl but now live in a small-ish village. It’s quiet we have a few shops but not much. Our bus service is decent enough but we both drive. When it snows we get cut off but the community spirit kicks in and we all dig out together. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else now.

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  4. The surroundings look beautiful. I’d love to live somewhere like this but I’m concerned my hayfever would play up massively.

    Faye Jessica |

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  5. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live away from the city in a quiet place like this! Honestly this place looks so nice plus being around nature all the time just makes it all the more great! I guess like everything even this has its downsides but it’s amazing that your daughter will get to grow up here! xx

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