Mud And Bloom: Review

I received this great parcel from Mud and Bloom. It’s full of lovely activities to do with my little one. She is an outdoors girl and loves arts and crafts.

It came very quickly and packaged safely.

Inside the box there were lots of different activities to do and it was full of fun facts and ideas for adventures to go on.

It came with the following items:

Carboard hat and mask



Red Riding Hood sweet pea seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Lollipop sticks

Cotton string


Fun quiz

Fun explorer sheet

We had lots of fun making the hat, we went into the forest and picked some lovely flowers and leaves.

Here is what we ended up with

We haven’t got round to making the mask yet.

We found two plant pots and followed the instructions on the card inside the box. It’s great as it comes with a step by step guide. She loved it.

I love how colourful the cards are too, it really is full of lovely activities to do.

All ready to go, hopefully they will grow. I will keep you updated and take some pictures along the way. We decided to put them outside as my cats love to eat whatever flowers we put inside. It says to put them on a windowsill at first incase there is any frost in the air. Hopefully they will be ok outside. We have had some sunny weather, fingers crossed.

It was great fun doing these activities and spending time together. I would certainly recommend these boxes to my mum friends.

Here is their contact information, why not go visit their site and order one to see what you think.

Twitter- Mud and Bloom

Instagram- Mud and Bloom

Mud and Bloom

It’s as they say on their site, it’s educational, easy and fun.

I am not affiliated to this company and will not receive anything for doing this review.

Here are my links, if you would like to follow our journey.

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Mission Mindfulness


  1. #thesatsesh hmmm feeling jealous, this is the Mummy stuff that id love to do and my little monster isn’t a bit interested, even when i HULK up the creative tasks… i do love gardening with him though, so much fun.

    Liked by 2 people

    • She loves gardening. I got such bad sunburn over the Weekend. I was so focused on her that I forgot to apply suncream to myself. Safe to say I will not do it again. Ha

      Liked by 1 person

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