Our Weekend At The Beach: Refreshing And Relaxing

So we took a trip to the beach this weekend. A well deserved break. We have had nothing but illness after illness in our house, this last month.

I haven’t been sleeping at all and I think it has caught up with me. I just feel very run down. I started antidepressants again, I think they have made me feel a little rubbish. Plus I’ve been taking antibiotics for tonsilitis. So it’s been one thing after another.

It was very relaxing and nice to have a Weekend of doing nothing. It’s good to unwind. I found building sand castles quite therapeutic actually, ha.

Not sleeping really sucks. My little one has decided she doesn’t want to sleep anymore. Ahhhhh!! She’s three. Even when she has fallen asleep I lay awake all night worrying about everything, anxiety sucks.

Getting back to the Weekend, We had a lovely walk on the beach, followed by playing some rugby, well throwing the ball ha.

We splashed in all the puddles and made sand castles.

We collected so many shells, found a crab and built a castle with a bridge. It was lovely spending some time with her, as she will be starting nursery next week.

I am so anxious about it. Its all I’ve known for three years and we have our little routine. It is all about to change and I can’t say I’m over the moon to have some time back. It will be very strange.

It was a lovely day on the beach though. We had a yummy chicken salad, followed by cheesecake,Yum.

What did you get up to this weekend?

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  1. The photos are beautiful and I hope your little one gets on well at nursery. Im sure she will love it. Love the sandcastles. Theyre really pretty.

    We havent done much this weekend. We just watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi. My daughter talked through most of it and the toddler was only interested when the little robot came on or the lightsabers. He was more interested in a Pringle lid 😂.

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    • Thank you, I hope so fingers crossed. Ha amazing, the things they would rather play with. We spend so much money on toys or trying to entertain them and they would rather play with a box or something. 😂 X

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