When I Have Some Me Time.

I loved to dance. I guess now that I’m older and perminantly exhausted on top of aching everywhere. I can’t do it like I use to.

I do love putting on some music and having a dance when I get some time to myself, if I am able to. Mainly when I’m cleaning these days.

I love to draw and write. So any chance I get to, I do that. I am currently writing a book, I have no idea what I am going to do with it. I have been writing it for about a year now. I may self publish it and see what happens.

I love to just stick my headphones on and listen to some old school music. The 90’s were the best and clubland. Now it’s all so computerised.

I’ve started playing the guitar. I’m no Ed sheeran, but I try ha! I love to play the piano it’s so relaxing and fun to make up my own songs.

I try to make new dishes when I can, having two cats and a toddler can be difficult to cook any dish, let alone a dish from scratch. One of them is always at your feet. I love to make a casserole. Yum! Very nice in this weather to.

Chicken and stock, all different types of veg and not forgetting the dumplings, Yum yum yum.

Slow cook and Tada!

I really enjoy a good box set. I love Body of proof at the moment. Its great, I’m really into all the crime drama shows, like;

Diagnosis Murder

Murder she wrote

Criminal Minds


I also liked conviction, shame they didn’t make another series and shades of blue.

I also love vampire films like;

The originals and The vampire diaries, there great. I’m a secret Twilight fan shhh! Are you an Edward or Jacob fan?

True blood was also cool, but a little gory!

House was a favourite of mine. So interesting and he was a great character. Annoying at times but funny with it and you couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

Riverdale at the moment is a great show on netflix, always keeps you guessing and wanting more.

I am also watching Beyond on netflix, Its interesting.

I’ve realised since having a mental illness that even though I am three years on, I still suffer. I have days when I’m upset and cry over anything. I have days when I feel like a boiling kettle and days when I feel so low I have had suicidal thoughts.

I know I need to make time for myself.

I try to make time, no matter how long I get. I try to enjoy doing what I love to do.

I’ve started a zumba class and nearly died on the first one, hoping the second is better. The weather hasn’t helped.

I am debating doing an adult ballet class when she starts nursery, we will see. Anything to help my mind focus really. I find if I sit I end up dwelling on things.

I understand I need a healthy balance of rest and keeping active. Sometimes keeping active helps me more. Be it cleaning or excercise.

I love reading other people’s blogs to.

There’s the travel blogs, that are so interesting. I sit and think of all the places I’d like to go and make a list.

New York and Vegas are on the top of my list. We did paris this year, that was lovely.

I love reading parenting blogs as some of them are so funny and others have really helpful tips.

I like to read other mental health blogs as its nice to see how other people cope with their illness. Some Idaes I have put in place myself and it has helped me.

Like breathing techniques and I am debating trying a different type of therapy.

Fashion and make up blogs are great as I love to try out new products. And love to read reviews first.

The blogging community on twitter is like one big family at times. So much time and effort that goes into each post, It’s great. They don’t get enough credit for the work they do.

Last but least, I’ll end this blog by saying thank you for all your support and taking the time to read my blogs. I apreciate it. πŸ’š your support is what keeps me writting.




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