Things I Do When I Am Feeling Anxious

I apreciate everyone is different and deals with situations differently.

These are some of the things that have helped me over the years. If you have any to add please leave a comment, as sharing may just help someone out.

I get anxious when I do something new and when I travel. I become anxious in crowd. If I have to go to a baby class or the doctors, I’m anxious.

Lots of things make me anxious, which I’m sure you can all relate. I have laid awake anxious, worrying, what if? Many times.

What would I do? What can I do?

This is what I do to take the edge off:

I listen to music when I go out or go shopping, it takes my mind off being in a busy place. If my daughter is with me and I come across anxious, I sing nursery rhymes with her or the theme tune to her favourite TV show. She joins in and it takes my mind off things.

I always carry water with me or a fizzy drink. Something sugary to if I just have water. It helps when I feel dizzy.

I focus on something on the ceiling or High up, so I don’t focus on how busy the crowd is. I stand still and focus on something high on the shelf or building. I count to ten and breathe slowly in and out.

Sometimes things get to much especially at Christmas if I’m out shopping. I hate crowds if I haven’t got something to focus on. I have to go and sit somewhere and have a drink. So I’m still, sat down. I’m not panicking about passing out as my heart races.

I write a journal, it helps to just get everything off my mind. Blogging has helped me a lot.

I call my Hubby if I’m out and feel anxious. He always has a way of making me feel better.

I have to have something to fiddle with like a stress ball or pen. Sounds strange but it helps. I guess my mind focuses on that object.

Insomnia is the worst, I have laid awake and thought of every scerneio that may happen. So I started reading before bed and slept alot better. I also started exercising for 20min. When little miss went to bed. I hate it and I’m exhausted but it helps me to sleep better. So it’s worth sticking to it if you can.

Watching a box set as it’s something to focus on. Something to think about and wonder what’s happening next.

A way to relax.

When my mind starts racing I imagine a box and put my thoughts into the box, I wrap it up and put it on a shelf. I then later on take it out and write it down. I guess it’s practising to focus on something else in that moment and giving your mind time to rest.

These things only ever take the edge off. It Never fully leaves you.

There is only a few things that help me. As I said I apreciate everyone is different. What helps you?


  1. I do a few of these on your list, including listen to music and write in a diary. I also used to find colouring very therapeutic but the best time when I get to relax and de stress is having a nice warm bath whilst reading a good book.

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