My Positive Outlook For This Month

I have decided I need to take better care of myself physically to. I have been trying to eat better and more regularly. I’ve tried exercising at home, but I get so tired. I give up to easily. I had a look around, as I’m new to where we live. I found a Zumba class, which I am going to attend. Once I get in to the swing of that I plan to do yoga.

I loved to dance when I was younger and in my twenties. So I would love to try this out again.

Keeping fit is supposed to help with our mental health. I am willing to give this ago. It helps me to sleep better, that’s for sure.

I am going to make sure I don’t skip lunch and that I have three decent ish…. meals a day. Hard when you have a toddler and things to do, but I need it.

I want to start getting out more with hubby. I Think its important to spend time together as a couple. Even if it is the odd meal out or an M&S meal for two indoors, when shes in bed.

I have started to learn to play the guitar. I play the piano and when I do it takes my mind else where. I wanted to challenge myself, so I thought why not. I’m going to try and stick to this. Since I have suffered with my mental illness I give up on things to easily. Being a mum sometimes gets in the way and of course she will always come first.

I am going to look in the mirror and say one good thing about myself everyday, may sound strange but I’m hoping it will help.

I am going to continue writing a Journal as it really does help to express how I am feeling.


I am going to treat my daughter and myself, once a week to a Costa hot chocolate and a cake, to have some mum and daughter time.

I am going to give someone a compliment everyday via twitter. So if you follow me, keep a look out. Why don’t you do the same. It may just make someones day if they are having an awful time.

My daughter is starting nursery next month and I plan, to not spend everyday tidying the house. But taking myself out for a walk or a coffee.I am hoping to go back to work to when the right job comes along.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Here’s to march, hopefully a positive month ahead. 🙂

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