Fun Activities To Do With A Toddler

Now my daughter is in her toddler years. She likes to keep busy, that’s for sure! She will be three soon. Where has the time gone?

Too fast that’s for sure!

Things we get up to in the week;

Playdough, she loves it. We brought her some and shape cutters too. We spend a lot of time making playdough animals, pretending they are alive and everything.

Baking, she loves to make cupcakes. We normally buy the box set from Tesco. She loves them, they are pretty straight forward for her age. Either My Little Pony or the Minions normally. She always puts as much icing as she can on her cupcake, of course.

Swimming, she loves it. We go to the toddler, parent swim session every week. It’s great fun. Unless the fire alarm goes off and your stuck outside this time of year, freezing. No fun!

Baby and bath, we have to bath her baby dolls and feed them. Even pretend to take them for a walk.

Movie day, code for Mummy is exhausted. Duvet day and normally a disney film.

Drawing, painting, glitter. You name it she loves it. The messier the better.

Quite therapeutic to colour in too.

Lego, it is a nightmare if you stand on it but great fun to play with.

She will help me prepare dinner. By passing me the items from the cupboard and helping me wash the veg etc. She loves to be involved.

Going for a walk, to get some fresh air. I can’t wait for summer.

Costa, she loves a trip to Costa. Mainly for the cake I think. If there is a Greg’s then it’s a no brainer.

Believe it or not she actually likes helping mummy take the washing out of the washing machine and putting it in the dryer.

She loves playing doctors and hairdressers, McStuffins is one of her favorites. I’ve lost count how many times mummy has had to go for a check up and go to the salon for a hair cut, this month alone.

Soon as hubby comes through the door. I say aw daddy has hurt his knee hahaha…she’s straight on it.

Tea parties, I brought her a princess tea party set from Tesco it’s great and she loves it. It has all the Disney princesses on the cups and plates.

We have started spending time learning shapes and learning to count. She’s a bright little thing. Even if I say so myself. Every time I give her lunch or dinner I make her count how many is on her plate, we’ve turned it into a game really.

Alphablocks is great, I brought the magazine for her and she loves playing around with all the letters and learning the sounds.

She loves a good book. If I put on voices for all the different characters.

We go out and collect leaves from the garden and paint and print with them.

Hide and seek, she loves it.

When I need time to sort a few things out in the house or make a phone call, cbeebies is great. We got her an Amazon Fire kids tablet. It has some great learning apps on there and fun ones too.

  • Cbeebies has some amazing apps within it.
  • Alphablocks
  • Pepper Pig paintbox
  • Movies
  • Disney princess puzzles
  • Andy dinosaur adventures
  • Topsy and Tim
  • Stories that read aloud
  • There’s lots of apps that have games like matching colours and shapes, she loves them.

She loves sticker books. She loves matching the sticker to the correct shape or item. An eager bunny to learn.

We have to fit in the cleaning, cooking and washing in somewhere ha! I do feel like mary Poppins / Cinderella at times. God help my husband if he leaves a dirty cup or plate on the table.

If the weather is awful we get a blanket lay it on the floor and have an indoor picnic. When I’m feeling adventurous, of course.

What about you? What do you get up to?




  1. My two love an indoor picnic – and it’s so much easier to clean up than the usual routine of sweep and mop! Instead it’s just shake outside and washing machine haha. We love Alphablocks too and it’s brilliant for learning phonics before school. Thanks for linking up lovely x #DreamTeam

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