Christmas Eve In Our House 🎄

Christmas Eve in our house is fun fun fun!

Growing up as a child I would get so excited as we were always allowed to open up a present before bed. Santa’s elf left it apparantly to show us that if we go to bed like a good girl. we would get Santa’s presents in the morning. Haha!

Should of seen my face when I found out Santa is not real!

I was about 8-9 I think.

I love it as mum always made a Buffett tea and we had pop and games and Christmas movies. We had the best Christmas Eve ever.

One year my sister became ill. She was twelve and I was 14. She was diagnosed with cancer. She spent Christmas in hospital. It was awful, it wasn’t the same. She spent over a year in and out of hospital. She was very poorly.

When she was stable we were sent on a trip to Disney land via The make a wish foundation. It was amazing so Christmassy.

She recovered well over the year Finally after the surgery she was cancer free and was in remission. She had a few set backs but has now fully recovered many years on.

We spent every Christmas after that celebrating and it made it even more special.

Now we have all grown up a flew the nest, as mum puts it. We do our own thing. I have moved away from home now so it will be different this year. I follow mums routine though. Our little girl gets to open a present before bed on Christmas Eve.

I am feeling a little low this year as I’m not around my family. It will take some getting use to. I am very close to my parents and my little girl misses them to.

I miss the little things like popping in for a cup of tea. I guess we have to make the most of it when we do visit.

On Christmas Eve we have a little buffet and a cheeky glass of prosecco. Christmas movies, mainly Disney. Silly hats and all.

Hubby preps Xmas dinner when she is in bed. Then we put an xmas movie on like love actually or the Holiday, Chocolates and all.

I am normally the first person up. Waiting for my little girl to wake up. As a parent now the best thing on Christmas morning is seeing their face light up as they realise santa has visited and left them presents. It is the best feeling. I can’t wait until she’s older and comes running into our bedroom, bouncing on the bed. ‘Wake up’ ha.

Christmas has its ups and downs. We miss the people that are no longer here. I miss my Pap everyday and especially at Christmas. I miss the Irish music he played and the dancing. I miss the country western films we watched together. I miss decorating the tree together and sharing a glass of sherry. Well he had one, I pretended to drink it. (Awful) We were the only ones in the family that enjoyed a slice of Christmas cake to. I really miss him and it hits me at Christmas as we use to go there for Christmas dinner. I wish my daughter had met him. He would of loved her.

Both cheeky chaps.

Do you have any christmas eve traditions?


  1. Sounds like you have many good Christmas memories and so good you keep the traditions. And really happy your sister had full recover❤️ Moments are precious and as long as you’re having the best time it doesn’t matter what you do. I also love Christmas movies( Disney) and chocolate!!!
    Merry Christmas to all of you’re family🎄✨☃️❤️

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  2. Aw sounds like you’ve made some lovely traditions for Christmas Eve. I understand not being around family, all of mine are in South Africa. We generally have a Christmas Eve box, where New pyjamas and watch Nightmare before Christmas, hang stockings and bed 😁

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  3. I don’t know when I started the tradition and it’s only a small thing but I always watch Muppets’ Christmas Carol, for the song one more sleep ’til Christmas. I used to think Miracle on 34th Street was my favourite film, in my teens maybe, but now I think it’s the Muppets. Christmas changes a lot when you get older and relatives get older and we’re all grown up now (although there’s a niece/nephew on the way) I enjoy dinner with my boyfriend at home and exchanging presents with my family. This year we will be missing my Grandpa but I still think of him, every Christmas/birthday he said he was widening the door for all his presents. I wish you all the best and hope missing your family doesn’t stop you from enjoying yourself. Thanks for sharing your story.

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