Getting To Know Mummy Thomas

Getting To Know Mummy Thomas.
I started blogging this year. It’s been amazing. I remember sitting there starring at the publish button for over an hour the first time. Thinking, should I go for it or not?

I was scared of the backlash and comments I might get.
I have always tried to be open and honest with my writing. I hope feel people can relate more that way.
I thought they would feel less alone and think ‘that’s how I feel too.’ Having a mental illness can leave you in such a lonely place.

I wanted nothing more than to help people. It’s why I originally started working in the NHS seven years ago. I couldn’t go back after having my little lady. After my traumatic birth I couldn’t go near the hospital without the awful feeling my chest was going to explode. Plus how could I look a patient in the eye and tell them they are in good hands when they had failed me. I would be a hypocrite.

So two and a half years down the line I took to blogging instead. I wanted to share my story and raise awareness. Sounds like a cliché right! It may be, but it’s the honest truth. I have never felt more alone than with this mental illness. Finding this community has helped me to speak more openly.

I wanted to write so people know that they are not the only person in the world suffering in that way and it may help them get through the guilt they are feeling. The feeling of being worst parent in the world. I want them to know having bad days are OK and you really are not a super human.
Yes, you really do need to take time out for yourself, to function if anything.
I appreciate this is not easy at first. I’ve said before in my blog it took me nearly having a break down to realise I needed to look after myself. To be sat down and told I would be admitted if I did not take this on board.
So here it goes a little more about me:
I love chocolate and could never give it up. Ha!

  • I love Doctor who, the Shadow Hunters and The originals. I also loved The Vampire Diaries and back in the day Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Netflix is great.
  • I love the Twilight series.
  • I Love Die Hard, Bruce Willis was good back in the day. “Yippee kids yay mother f*cker!”
  • I love to read and like a good crime book. Mo Hayder is great. I’d say I love most books though. I’d love a library at home. I can dream. Ha!
  • I love Mexican food. I could eat Chiquitos every day.
  • My favourite colour is purple.
  • I love to dance. I danced from a young age doing ballet, tap, modern, freestyle and street.
  • I love to draw and play the piano. I hope to have a piano one day. I’d play it all day if I had my way. Love writing my own music and learning new songs.
  • I love a good film and some popcorn. That is my perfect evening. Pjs, DVD and popcorn.
  • I have a wonderful husband.
  • I like Ted Baker and have a handbag I am too scared to use as I waited a while for it Ha.
  • I love animals and wanted to work with them but I would adopt them all as I get too attached easily. I’m the type of person that can watch a film and cry when the animal dies but say oh dear when the human dies. Ha! Never ending story destroyed me. That poor horse.
  • I love Rome it is a beautiful and amazing place. The type of place I’d like to take a sketch book and sit there all day drawing and taking in all the beautiful buildings.
  • I would love to go to Venice.
  • Would love to visit Centre Parks.
  • I have a younger sister.
  • Two nephews
  • I would eventually love a dog.
  • I actually quite enjoy watching My Little Pony, haha!

There’s a few things about me. I hope that writing this blog and sharing my experiences makes a difference to people. Even if it is only one person.


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