Favourite Christmas Memories🎄🌟

My fondest memory of Christmas has to be the year I got my dream present. I was thirteen, so a long time ago now.

I had been asking my parents all year for a keyboard. I wanted a piano but that was way too expensive and too big. But a girl can dream!

I taught myself how to play at school. I loved switching off and playing. It was relaxing and took my mind off everything that was going on.

Christmas came and I went running down the stairs. I could clearly see I didn’t have one as the boxes were too small. I didn’t want to seem ungrateful so I tried my best not to cry and put a smile on.

I went upstairs to get dressed and it all went quiet downstairs. I could hear dad saying ‘shhhh’ to everyone.

I opened my bedroom and my Pap had set up and brought me a keyboard. I cried.

I was so happy. I loved music and writting my own music. I could only do it at school. Now I could do it at home and drive my parents mad. I spent all day learning Christmas songs and playing them to everyone all evening.

Best Christmas ever.

My second favourite has to be the year I got engaged just before Christmas to my now wonderful husband. I came upstairs to candals everywhere and him on one knee.

What’s your favourite memory of Christmas?





  1. I honestly can’t think of my favourite Christmas:/ but it was great reading about yours! That’s so lovely aswell, getting engaged around Christmas time! x

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