A Christmas Poem

Christmas cheer all around.

Hopefully snow will fall on the ground.

Chocolates and treats

Such lovely things to eat.

Singing songs and decorating the tree.

Green and red

Blue and white.

Flashing lights they shine so bright.

Tinsel and baubles

Buble’ on repeat.

Candles and more….

What a lovely treat.

Turkey roasting. Hopefully ready before everyone comes through the front door.

Wine and baileys

Beer and champagne.

Wrapping Presents

Stockings hung again.

Santa’s been and there’s a cold chill in the air

Theres toys on the floor, everywhere.

Fires roaring.

Family board games.

Party hats, party food and more…

Cats up the tree

Oh no..


Get down!

It’s all on the ground.

No more tinsel no more lights

Well isn’t this a delight….

Decorate the tree

Tinsel…… erm gone

No more lights

Well one green and one blue.

Tree half ruined

Its time for bed I think.

A new year to come

Well this has been erm……. fun.


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