My Self-Care Weekend

Since we moved I haven’t had the time to do anything really, except unpack and clean. I haven’t had the chance to enjoy the scenery, one of the reasons why I wanted to move to the countryside.

So we got up this morning and packed a bag, got our wellies on, hats and scarfs and went for a walk in the Forest behind our new house. It was amazing, I honestly could of stayed there all day.

Taking in the scenery and the fresh air. No noise except the birds and the view is out of this world. I felt calm and stress free. I didn’t want to come back home to the boxes and cleaning.

I love to draw and have promised myself I will take it up again once we have settled. I am going to treat myself to some new pencils and chalk, take a hot chocolate and take a walk into the Forest. Can’t say it will be any good after all this time.

I wanted to share the pictures with you. I am no photographer, but here is goes.

It’s so beautiful. It’s amazing that in our busy lives we miss so much. You don’t have to be a nature lover, just enjoy the view and the peace and quiet. The fresh air and that you can be you in that moment, not mum or wife. Even though we love that too. Xx

What do you do for your self-care?



  1. Wowowooowowowowwo. That is gorgeous!!!!!!!thank you so much for sharing. That is self care right there. Setting your intention to go out and just be! And then you shared such breathtaking photos. Thank you. I love them

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  2. Wow this is just nature in perfection!!! And I’m jaleous that you have it right outside… fresh air and the Forrest takes all stress and make you feel renewed😉 great photos and post

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  3. So gorgeous!!
    Self-care is SO important! I’m guilty of definitely NOT indulging myself. There are days that I feel like a single mother and definitely don’t find time for myself… That’s got to change soon

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    • Yes I have been there, we certainly don’t help ourselves, it’s great just taking the odd hour when you can just to be by yourself. X


  4. It looks wonderful where you live! I grew up in mid-wales and it looks very much like this; like you say just so peaceful and free from all the crazy of everyday life. I wish I had some more time for self care, I don’t do nearly enough of it…does 15 minutes of exercise away from the children count??! x

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    • Thank you, I’ve promised myself even if it means taking her with I will go out and enjoy the views more. Yes if it helps then it counts I mean we would all love more time but with children we have to manage what we can 🙂 x


  5. I certainly can not tell that you are no photographer! I enjoyed the photos and I, too, like to get out and enjoy nature to relax and rejuvenate for good mental health purposes. Keep it up.

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