Moving House: I Felt Like I Took Two Steps Back.

I’ve shared my experiences along the way and it did take me a long time to find the courage to share. I was worried about the backlash I’d get.

I’ve found that Twitter is a great community full of support groups sharing their experiences. Full of organisations trying to spread the word to break the stigma that surrounds mental health.
I’m two and a half years into my recovery. I don’t see it as my recovery anymore I see it as my everyday illness that I have found certain ways to cope and deal with. I know now it will never leave me.

I still get angry easily at times , I have no patience. Certain things I would normally laughed off and said oh well, I now feel like it’s the end of the world. Moving house has been a very stressful time for me.

Not only moving away from my home town but leaving everything I knew behind. I’m finding it hard to relax and sleep. I keep wanting to have everything sorted all at once.




Boxes unpacked

Everything in it’s rightful place.

I know it’s impossible to sort it all out in one day but it’s like I can’t switch off until it is sorted. My husband has had to put up with my illness for two years and I sometimes think how does he do it? I’m happy one day and can feel low the next. I can feel happy and then feel quite annoyed and irritable the next.

I deal with it better than I use to as I have the tools from my counselling sessions.

Breathing techniques and writting things down. Talking about it rather then flying off the handle or walking away.

I have realised during this move that my illness is still there lurking inside me and I still have to deal with it. I guess it took a stressful situation to find that out. This past month I’ve had such a short fuse and had no patience at all. I feel so over stressed and very anxious. I’m hoping it’s just the move and not a step back but a bad month to remind me that I need to still look after my selfcare and remember that I still have a mental illness.

My advice to anyone with a mental illness that is going through a stressful situation.

Be kind to yourself.

Remember your selfcare.

Take time to relax no matter how irritated and agitated you feel.

Try breathing techniques. It doesn’t work for everyone and it took me several months to feel any kind of difference.

Walk away if you can, 5 mins to take yourself away from the situation and just be you for those 5 mins. Not mum or friend or family just you.

Write it all down on paper if you can get it all out or do a vlog if you are comfortable. Keeping it to yourself will do you no good. You don’t have to publish it. Just throw it in a draw for next time.

Talking it through with a therapist/counsellor helped me. I used to rant about all sorts, not just about my traumatic experience. You don’t realise how much everyday life has its impact on your mental health. I don’t know anyone that hasn’t been stressed at least once in their life.

It’s just a few things I try to do in those moments. If you have any helpful tips please comment and share them.

I don’t expect that sharing my experiences Is going to cure you of your mental illness but I guess in sharing them with you I hope I help in some way. No matter how small.

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