Raising Awareness of Mental Health During Pregnancy And After Birth 

This is one thing I wish I’d have been told about during my pregnancy. I may have understood a little more of what was going on in my mind and dealt with it better or sort help sooner. I appreciate that midwives and health visitors are stretched and this will most likely remain unchanged. We need to come together and support each other as a whole.

What can we do to improve PMH?

What can we do to raise awareness?

If we are given some structured information that we can look into it at home, we can ask any questions at our next appointment with the midwife or health visitor. Even at our antenatal classes, this would be a great idea.

A leaflet with information about PMH and a link or two on there to find out some information on this subject and a list of charities that you can contact if you feel you need help.

I did a little survey on twitter and there were more women that had not been asked about their mental health than were asked. So I think if we are given a leaflet and a link to a video, we can watch this in the comfort of our own home and discuss what we need to at the following appointment. Now this may be an awful idea but I am throwing it out there.

What do you think?

(Please comment via Twitter or this blog with your views and if you have an idea of your own on how we can improve raising awareness of PMH)

Here are some links that discuss perinatal mental health. Some videos are real life experiences.

Tommy Midwives- Tommy’s PMH

They can be found on twitter via @TommysMidwives

Birth and baby academy have great courses you can go on. Birth and baby academy link

Moment Health, they too can be found on twitter @momenthealthapp

Moment Health PMH
If you have any questions regarding your mental health there are some great charities and organisations out there. Please see links below-




There are support groups via twitter

@pndandme on a Wednesday at 8pm UK #pndhour

#mentalhealthhour on a Sunday

#pandashr on a Sunday at 8pm UK time

These are just some of the fantastic support groups. Supporting people who have been affected with their mental health. During pregnancy or after birth, men or women.

This is where people discuss how they feel, give advice and share their experiences.

I know I’m a small fish in a big pond but if I can make just a little difference I’ll be happy.

A more detailed blog I wrote I wished I had been better prepared

My Blog

Huffpost Blog




Thank you


    • It’s such a shame that so many mums and dads are not asked about their mental health and its portrayed as the ‘baby blues’
      You get to the point where you don’t want to be a burden or make a fuss as you feel you will be judged. But if it’s discussed through your pregnancy then you understand it a little more and can look at your symptoms and feel you can approach someone to talk about it. As it was previously mentioned so you don’t have feel ashamed/embarrassed to bring it up. Just wish there was more I could do. I’d hate for any one I know to go through what I have/am. x Thank you x


      • So much was NOT discussed. The whatif’s. and the plans. And the potential difficulties. I like to be prepared and to go into a BIRTH not prepared but with a simple tool of a birthing class. That is just not enough.
        I am so sorry you have been through this.
        Baby blues is so minimizing isn’t it!

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      • I agree nothing was discussed before with me,not in the antenatal classes either. Even though the Mw/HV and docs kept Commenting on how over anxious I was. (Due to IvF ) and the fact I was crying in the end at every appointment telling them they wouldn’t get baby out as I had previous Gynae issues, won’t go into to much detail. 🤦🏻‍♀️After the birth, I spent a lot of time on google, to see if what I was feeling was normal. It took my hubby to say I think you need to see someone for me to get help. No one picked up on it.I look back and it’s still a blur but I remember certain moments and one that stuck with me was this one at the hospital, I was shouting at the consultant saying I wanted to jump out the window if that midwife came near me as she was awful.just shouting at me to keep still and why was I so upset. At one point the consultant told her to get out as she said to him. ‘I could of got that cannula in. ‘ my arms and hands were black from previous ones. He ended up putting a butterfly in my forearm. The consultant replied ‘you didn’t did you now be quiet and leave’ No body asked about my mental health then. Even though they said my husband had to sign my surgery forms as I wasn’t able to as I was so distraught and in their words deemed un fit to. after it took my HV 4 months to say, ‘well maybe you should see you Gp and fill this form in so we can see how you are’ It came back awful and I was referred to see a man in MH he basically said right why are u here and I was terrified. I finally spoke and said what happened during In birth and that I was mistreated he replied ‘ well I’m sure they didn’t mean it’ so I didn’t go back as I felt all he wanted to do was stick up for the NHS. I hated them at the time. Which you’ll understand why if you read my birth experience. I went private 6months past birth and she was and is amazing beens Ewing her for 2 and half years. She listens and she doesn’t judge me. x sorry gone on a bit x 😬


      • I will go back and read your birth experience later today. I am going to rest my eyes for now….seizure related crap where my eyes can only read so much at a time. But i want to know your story and read it.
        I have my birth story somewhere on my blog. It was terrifying.
        Just reading your words hurts my body and soul because I remember how painful the entire experience of lack of control and feeling dismissed felt like.
        I hate just hate that you went through that, that no one listened. But to know you are now being heard is freaking awesome.
        People CHOOSE not to listen. They just put us in a box and click the ignore button. When they should be hearing, validating, and treating. Im just so sorry it took them so long.
        I will read more later!


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