To My Darling Husband.

My mental illness puts a strain on our relationship but it hasn’t broken us. You have been my rock and encouraged me to get help. You stuck by me and became the father I’d always hoped for, for our child. I wrote this to show you I do realise what you do for me. Thank you x

I’m sorry I get angry.

I’m sorry I cry.

I’m sorry about the mood swings.

I’m sorry one day I’m ok and the next I’m a mess.

I’m sorry I can’t explain how I feel.

I’m sorry in the beginning there were more bad days than good.

I’m sorry I annoy you when you ask if I’m ok and I say ‘I’m fine’ when you know I’m not.

For the nasty things I say, I know, you know I don’t mean them.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for the days I didn’t want to get out of bed and the days where you were sat there trying to work out what’s going on in my head.

I look back now and realise it affected you too.

That dreaded day, the trauma.

I know you felt you had to be strong and put on a brave face.

You were amazing and you still are.

A great father and husband. A great support a real superstar.

We have sat and cried together.

We have been through so much together so young,

Your job, you being away, fertility treatment, IVF and a traumatic birth.

Now a mental illness that will always linger.

You listen and you understand.

You’re supportive and empathetic.

Caring and kind.

A big softy at heart.

I love that you call that traumatic day our Strong Day.

I love that you make me laugh even when I feel sh*t.

I love that she’s a daddy’s girl.

I love you for being you.

You never judge me or push me to talk when I’m quiet or low.

You encourage me and help me to grow.

I love you,

I always will

Thank you.

Your wifey x




  1. 😍 that stuck a cord with me, I too have thought about doing a similar post. I might still do it. I recon your husband wouldn’t want you to say sorry so much though, it’s not your fault 😊you are one strong person, that post was beautiful. You are both very lucky to have each other x

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