Mummy And Little Lady’s Week 2. 

So it’s been a very busy emotional week. I turned Thirty. I feel like fourty though. We finally got confirmation of our move date so it’s all systems go.

The start of the week, my little girl decided she didn’t want to sleep and was up from 11pm- 4am. My husband was away so I was sitting up with her trying to get her to sleep but she was having none of it. I tried;


A movie


Rubbing her back


I could have cried as I felt ill that night. An hour later I was being sick and she was sat beside me rubbing my back. ‘Aw poor mummy’

Luckily it got to 2 am and daddy came home. She was so excited she wasn’t going to sleep now. So he decided it would be a good idea to celebrate my birthday 🎉 Instead of waiting till later that morning. I was called to come down stairs.

I felt awful.

I came down to balloons, cake, cards and presents. It was lovely, I wish I wasn’t ill. I was then told I’d be going off to a spa with a friend the following day and afternoon tea. All I heard was spa = sleep and rest at this point.

Off I went back to bed and I heard them giggling and frozen was on in the background. I came down to find them both asleep a few hours later. She was on the sofa and he was on the floor 🙄. Bless them. Later that day we went to dinner for my birthday as I felt a little better. Safe to say we all had an early night that night.

Spa day at last.

It was lovely we had the sauna, the jacuzzi a massage, a facial and our nails painted. When I got home that evening my hand swelled up and came out all bruised. It was really painful from the moment she did my nails. Turns out that massage she gave me on my hands and the loud click I heard had injured my hand. No wonder I was uncomfortable, I assumed she slightly pulled out my finger, I was in agony. Hubby strapped it for me and I couldn’t move it at all.

The next day I was going to go see the doctor. I wanted to strip little Lady’s bed to put fresh sheets on. My finger let out a loud click and it realllly hurt but I could bend it and it was fine after that. Very strange she must have dislodged it slightly. 😱so painful. Still sore and bruised but it was worth it to have some me time ha!

I’d missed my little girl though, so we had cuddles on the sofa and watched the Minions, Her fav.

The following day we got some bird food and nuts and went to the park to feed the ducks and the squirrels she loves it as they come right up close. She’s such an animal lover.

We have been to nana’s, she made cakes and played with play dough and puzzles. We had a look at the new house and sorted out a few things. We finally have things set in place.

We had a trip into town and had breakfast, she enjoyed her tea cake and jam. Followed by a cupcake and fruit shoot. I do give her fruit and veg honest. I love those moments just the two of us eating together. We have a conversation about random things. Mainly about daddy and when he’s home or our cat. We had an afternoon of colouring and stickers. Puzzles and played doctors and nurses. I was patient of course 🤦🏻‍♀️👈🏻 ‘mummy’s poorly finger ‘

I’d been upstairs fetching the washing basket. As I came down all I heard was ‘Mummy mummy mummy’ I thought oh god what have you done. Turns out she didn’t want to go on the potty. She had ripped her pull up off and flung it across the living room. Only downside was she had a poo. Poo everywhere. I Spent the rest of the day cleaning.

Plus side Lots of cake and celebrations this week. Gotta love them.



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