Bad Days And Good Days: We All Have Them. 

Mornings here

Tired from the lack of sleep

Sick and tired of trying to count sheep.

Bags under your eyes

Wrinkles starting to show

You’ve got Grey hair and you’ve lost that pregnancy glow.

Stretch marks

clothes don’t fit

Undo my jeans just so I can sit.

Tie my hair back as I have no time

Husbands working.

what is the time?

soon as I sit

Baby starts to cry

I’ve just change you why aren’t you dry!

Change her nappy and hope she’s happy

Baby’s quiet

Focus on my diet.


why do I bother

I need the sugar.

I’m so tired

I need my bed so I can rest my head.

I remember when I use to sit and it was quiet

I remember when I use to sit and not think, I need to diet.

lunch time nap has gone.

Baby’s awake

bottles to be done.

I stand in the kitchen and stare at the kettle.

Crying for no reason

Watching the clock

He’s nearly home.

Baby’s fed

Bathed and changed

off to bed.

Dinners ready

Home at last

We sit and talk about the past.

A year of counselling reminiscing and dismissing.

My mornings are different a new day at last.

I wake up happy

Hubby’s at work

I look at the clock

I hear a knock.

She’s awake

cuddles at last

No more reminiscing about the past.

I make breakfast

We have a laugh

we giggle together and play.

our day is so much brighter

so much better

I feel it’s going to be a wonderful day.

If only all days were this wonderful. We all have bad days and there truly is nothing wrong with that. I still have bad days two years on. I cry and cry or the anger comes out and I need time to myself to process things.

Having a Mental illness is tricky. I believe it never goes away. I feel that we learn to deal with the bad days in our own way. We find what works best for us as an individual and they become more manageable rather than gone.

Just remember even on a bad day you are a great parent.


Me, Being Mummy

Rhyming with Wine

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