Potty Training: Our Experience Or Should I Say Adventure. 

I was so nervous about potty training. I remember looking through books and asking my mum, what do I do?

There’s so many different ways parents start potty training;

-Sticker charts and rewards.

-with pants without pants.

-Straight to a toilet with an insert.

-Potty then onto a toilet once they were confident with the potty.

-Start at the age of two or three.

-sending them out in a nappy but potty train at home.

-do the night time training seperatly.

By this point my brain was frazzled. I have learnt along the way that it’s best to go with the flow. Start when you think their ready and if their not, don’t worry.

My daughter is two. She kept trying to take her nappy off and said ‘oh mummy wee wee’ I gathered she was ready. So we went for it.

She has to be potty trained for when she starts nursery. The one we are sending her to anyway. Talk about pressure.

I think the fact that she took her nappy off and smeared poo everywhere all over the door, the walls and carpet also brought it to my attention that she is fed up of nappies.

So off I went to Tesco and my god there are so many pottys to choose from. Ones that actually look like a toilet with a toilet roll holder, a singing and dancing one. I mean wow.

I just picked the one that was pink and plastic and easy to clean.
I brought a book for her as the lady at the check out said her daughter loved it.

Princess Polly’s potty by Andrea pinnington. She liked it.

We got home and I let her run around in just a t-shirt. She had a few accidents at first but after a week she was going on the potty. I felt like the proudest mum ever. I wanted a medal. I thought yes, I’ve done it. I then thought, it really is about her. I took her off to Tesco to get her a treat.

Just a quick tip, have wipes on stand by and detol.

I used vanish carpet cleaner when she had an accident, it’s great. So clean and smells fresh. In the end we put a plastic mat under the potty as our bathroom is upstairs. Which is a pain. For both of us, mum bladder to.

When she did have an accident I never told her off I asked her if she wanted to help me clean it up. She would grab some wipes and pass me a wipe. Cute because now every time there is something on the floor be it rubbish or crumbs she says ‘oh mummy messy messy’ little embarrassing if you are at someone else’s house. Happened a few times. Cringe!

The next day she realised that if she kept using the potty she would get a treat. She decided she wanted one every time she used it. It didnt go down to well when she realised she wouldn’t get a chocolate bar every time she went on the potty.

After about two weeks she was asking to go on the potty and told me if she wanted a wee or poo. I thought I’d try the big toilet. Big mistake she hated it mainly because the insert we brought was slippy. A plastic one. She still won’t use it now a month on. I am off to buy another insert and hope that will help. Wish me luck. Good exercise for me going up and down the stairs though to empty the potty out.
What’s your experience.?

Any tips to share?




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