Mummy And Little Lady’s  Week. 

I thought I’d do a weekly update of what we have been up to. Ups and downs. Hope we don’t bore you to much 😬

This week has been a busy one for us. We have sold our house and we are moving across the country. Moving to the countryside yay. I can’t wait. Fresh air and plenty of forestry for her. She loves being outside. I’m massively stressed out though as I’m moving out of my home town. Never been anywhere else. Ah! Anxiety levels are high at the moment.

We have been keeping busy to hopefully take my mind off of it.
We decided to go out for a walk and collect some leaves this week to do some painting and printing with. She loves to paint and get messy. I had to stop her a few times from pulling the neighbours flowers up though.

we went to the store and brought;

-washable paints and brushes

– Mats and aprons

-glue and glitter


-Tissue paper

And away she was painting, gluing and printing. Glitter everywhere. Ta da!

Very proud mum. On my fridge now.

We had a movie day the next day as she’s been a little under the weather. Minions she loves them. Shouting banana every five miniutes. Then dad came home and she was straight on the IPad she loves the CBeebies app. It actually has some great educational games on there.

We had a walk in the park but the heavens opened and we had a quick dash to the park cafe. We had a hot chocolate with marshmallows and some chips. Not a healthy option I know! She has been a madam for not going to bed this week. I’m exhausted.

Nana is here. She came down to visit for the day so hubby booked the day off and we went out for lunch yay! Quality time. It was lovely to have a chat even if we did talk about her ha! Why do we do that as parents?

It was my nephews first birthday so we celebrated with cake and presents. Safe to say they were happy with the cake. yum!

Please follow me to hear about my experiences of being a new mum 🙂

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