Funny Memory Of Baby And Cat. 

I remember one memory that has stuck in my head. It was when she was a baby and the health visitor came to visit. This was in the early stages for me and I hated all medical professionals at the time after the negligence I experienced via the hospital. I wasn’t in the best moods during this visit.

We have a cat and he is great. He is the most friendly cat you could meet. He is also a cat that thinks he’s a dog. He collects the post and brings it to us, he howls at the door when my husband leaves for work and he will guard the hall way if he’s away. He will look out the window and run to the door when we pull up on the drive way and howl at the door. He instantly became attached to our daughter.

Great cat.

Getting back to the health visitors visit. She came in and gave a speech about cats and babies are a no go and we had better think about getting rid of him. I explained he isn’t allowed in her room and we dont leave them alone together.

I told her he won’t go near her, he just sits by her side like her protector. Well the next thing I know he has jumped off the sofa and clawed the health visitors hand as she reached over to pick our daughter up. Now of course I replied with “Bad Cat” and “I’m so sorry.”

Secretly I was thinking ha that will teach you. Is that bad?! Have you had any funny pet and baby experiences? Please share if you have.


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