We’ve All Been There. 

We have all been there.

When you have just had enough of saying ‘No’ for the tenth time that day. Dealing with an explosive nappy or remaking lunch as they refuse to eat what’s put in front of them again.

Having to pretend to be on the phone for the fifth time that day. Every-time you sit down.

When you nip to the toilet and all you hear is ‘mummy poop’ to come out and find they have taken their nappy off and smeared poo everywhere.

When you’ve played doctors and nurses all morning and had a tea party with Elsa and Anna all afternoon.

The times when you really needed to be somewhere on time and you’ve put one shoe on and by the time you go to put the other on they have taken it off.

The times when you say ‘we just need to nip in here, we will be quick’ Well that didn’t go to plan. It turned into 10 minutes of me trying to put her in the trolley or buggy.

We have all been there, so please don’t feel like the most awful parent in the world, as I have many times.

We are only human. X




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