Our First Holiday

It’s an exciting time going on holiday, finally getting a break from it all. But when you have a child it’s so stressful.

I was so nervous to take her away, not knowing what the accommodation is going to be like.

Will it be clean? Will it ruin her routine?

It must have looked like I was moving house when we packed the car. You forget that you can buy items from the shop when you are there. But nope not me it’s like I’m packing incase an apocalypse occurs whilst we are there. Drives my husband mad.

We decided to have a caravan holiday. It was not a great holiday with a baby. After the third time of having a football kicked at the caravan by the kids playing outside on the green. Having to get her back off to sleep and then laying awake yourself as there’s no point trying to sleep as you’ll be back up in a minute.

I came back from that holiday feeling worse, needing another break. I did not look refreshed or energised at all. It’s like I’d been to boot camp.

She loved the sand, I somehow still found it in her nappies and shoes days later after coming home.

I remember using the buses occasionally as driving into the seafront and parking was a nightmare. I found that some people today really don’t have any manners. I was struggling to get on the bus and the bus driver was shaking his head, trying to lift the buggy on whilst holding her and the changing bag. Not one person offered to help and then I had to stand as not one person offered me a seat. Young people with headphones on, men slouched looking out the window and other women just chatting away. Don’t get me wrong they have every right to sit there. But I was always brought up to put people first. If an elderly women or man, mother carrying a child or expectant mother got on, I’d give me seat up in a heart beat.

Would you, or am I alone in this?

We decided to take our little girl to the shopping centre whilst there and I desperately needed the bathroom the days of waiting are over when you have a baby. My husband took her to be changed. Unfortunately there were no baby changing facilities in the men’s toilets. He had to take her into the disabled toilets to be changed as there was a changing table in there. When he came out a lady decided to take it upon herself to give him grief.

I never thought about it until that moment.

Why are there no baby changing tables in the men’s toilets?

We tried a different camp the second time around and it was great. Seashore haven holidays. It was within walking distance to the beach and it had everything you needed on camp;

A swimming pool which she loved. She had such a tantrum when I said it was time to leave. A play area. A shop that stocked everything a launderette and a little train that took you into the front if you didn’t want to walk. The caravans were immaculate and had plenty of space around the outside too so you didn’t feel boxed in. They did various activities during the day for the children from puppet shows and archery to bug trails. It was in walking distance to the beach. Overall a great holiday.

I still have yet to take her abroad, I’m a little nervous taking her on a plane just yet.


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