Magic Mummy Moments

I had that Heart Melting moment today. 💕

I was sat on the bed after having a shower. My little girl walks in and asked to do my make up. She picks up a brush talking away to herself in the mirror. I say to her “you are pretty without make up” she turns round and says “Well Mummy you are beautiful.” I was crying with laughter.

So cute.

We went out for a walk after to the shop and she is waving away at everybody shouting “HI.” So lovely. Some people are polite enough to say hello and some ignore her. Well the look she gives them when they do ignore her. If looks could kill. She is 2 going on 12. Gosh the attitude she has already. I can’t help but laugh. Until she has a tantrum that is.

I was sat on the sofa after we had got back from the shop, To have a two minute sit down and she jumps up and throws her arms around me and says “I love you.”It’s the best feeling hearing your child say those words.

I’m already dreading the teen years. The days she shouts “I hate you mum.” Help!

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