10 Things I love and hate about being a mum. 

1. I love when she smiles at me, it’s like the world is at a stand still.

I hate that I don’t look or feel like myself anymore, before I became a mother.

2. I love when she learnt to say “mummy I love you.”

It melted my heart.

I hate that there’s so many opinions and I sometimes wonder what am I doing?

3. I love secretly, that she already has an attitude and is 2 going on 12.

I hate that she will grow up in a world like we have today.

4. I love being a family and having days out.

I hate being judged because I don’t always have a smile on my face.

5. I love the way she gets excited when her dad comes home after work, her face and the pure excitement. #superdad.

I hate what I had to go through to become a mother and the lack of support I received from the health care professionals.

6. I love that she has my personality but her dads frown.

I hate that I will never be able to give her a sibling because of how traumatised I am following the birth.

7. I love that she is so independent and a born leader.

I hate when I’m not with her, I Worry.

8. I love when she wraps her arms around me when she’s tired and squeezes me tight until she flops and falls asleep.

I hate that I can no longer shower on my own. The days of exfoliating, moisturising and painting my nails have gone.

9. I love that I have someone look up to me. The pressure is on.

I hate that my hair falls out and is turning grey. I can’t even eat a bag of crisps without them going to my hips now.

10. I love when she’s asleep. #Mummytime, Cuppa and the soaps. #Daddishes.

I hate changing nappies. They get worse as they get older.

What’s yours?


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